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9 Nisan 2020
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Platform Game, GRIS Comes to iOS on August 22nd

GRIS , the winner of the Best Visual Effects Award at the 2019 Game Developers Choice Awards , will be available to players on iPhones and iPad from August 22, according to the official statement by Nomada Studios on August 9, 2019 .

GRIS is a platform game with low difficulty and hand drawn art style. The story of a hopeful young girl’s disappearance in her own world and the experience of coping with the bad experience. This journey of sadness is described by her pale reality dress that gives her new guiding abilities. As the story progresses, GRIS develops emotionally and uses its new abilities to see the world from different angles. There is no dialogue in the game and our character comes to life with breathtaking landscapes.

The mobile version of GRIS does not contain any additional content or features. The announcement did not give any clues about the game controls. With the pre-order you can get it for 6.5$ on the App Store.

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